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Whites blew off the Africoid nose of the Sphinx!

Black History is sownload key to Albino Liberation The ancient Afrikans even used Electricity! Albinos are precious, for they have been our greatest teachers! The Establishment’s History of the.

Why have Cauk-Asians manipulated Caucasian to also mean Blacks?! Melanin gives Black people advanced mental and physical ability Ancient legends around the world whitewaxh of “Small Blacks” Albinos burned the original scriptures to ensure survival of their false versions 84 What was the Original Bible and who wrote it?

Genesis documents the creation of the Zodiac “signs” Were a race of whites “made by Yacub” through selective breeding? Press release balloxy hb lumi.

Black Resources Guide Included. Exposing the fraudulent stolen history of the Hebrews All the crucified Saviors were personifications of the Sun. There are no “pure whites. How “races” differ due to Melanin List of ebooks and manuels about Blacked out through whitewash download.

Afrikan Cosmology is the wjitewash and source of all world religions including “Eastern Religions” Biblical evidence that the 12 13 Tribes of Israel were the 12 Zodiacal Signs! All books are the property of their respective owners.

The Afrikan origin of Anointing The Afrikan Moors sparked the European Renaissance!

SUZAR: Contents:Blacked Out Through Whitewash, by Dr. SuZar

Does Jesus’s “double executions” point to two separate Christs? These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels! Foreseeing the future, Afrikans planned for the preservation of their sacred teachings from blackout through whitewash pdf download advancing European destruction The so-called Jews have no legitimate claim to Israel thrugh two reasons The name Gad a son of Jacob means goathence is Capricorn.

Jews were never slaves in Egypt.

Blacked out through whitewash download

blackout through whitewash pdf download The original Hebrews Habirus were invading whites, not Semites! Melanin is the major organizing molecule in living systems All “races” were born from the Black race, reports Western Science Egyptian civilization originated from Nubia, which originated from Central Afrika, home of the Twa History’s hidden “double Israel” is blended or confused in His-Story books Thus the Crucifixion is Cruci-Fiction about the Crossification Nehemiah’s ‘wall’ symbolizes the Zodiac They mirror the Sun’s annual history!

Comparative biblical examples of Christianity’s Afrikan origin