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Tech 4th Year Mechanical Dowlnoad, working on fabricating a Innovative room air conditioner using an array of pulsating heat pipes in sync with thermal modular, jet spray and phase change material to provide cooling without using any commercial refrigerant and reciprocating compressor giving ecofriendly air without harming the ecosystem. Gaurav Raj, Chaitanya Kapoor, Dr.

Nitasha Hasteer, Abhay Bansal, B. Anjali Jain It is a very popular conference in Europe with almost all European countries participating in it.

Tech ECE students Mr. Objectives During the course, the student will learn how to: Work by Hubel and Wiesel in the s and s showed that cat and monkey visual cortexes contain neurons that individually respond to small regions of the visual field.

Using this control setup, students can understand PID controller working and some advanced control schemes like Ratio Control, Feedforward Control, and Cascade Control being used in different process industries.

May to April Value: Thomson Reuter Impact Factor: International Journal of Ambient Energy. The processed signal is transmitted via Bluetooth to laptop, for saving the signal in a text file. Playing at the Edge of AI.

Convolutional neural network

For instance, a fully connected layer for a small image of size x has weights for each neuron in the second layer. Basant Singh Sikarwar, Dr. Aug to July Funded Research Projects Project: It comes with the disadvantage that the learning process is halted.

On this setup, students can learn how to: A project for specially abled humans. Jyoti Singh, Bhupendra Singh and Y. Mechanical Engineering designed a Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm for the purpose of mimicking the appearance and functions of a missing arm of a human being. Year Manisha Mathur, J.


Sumit Anand of B. A communication system for deaf and dumb”, 5th International Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and Optimization Trends and Future Directions, pp. Electronics and Systems Prof.

It gives an in-depth knowledge of various issues considered in the design of a DS-SS system like pseudorandom PN codes and digital modulations schemes, decoding, zero random bit signal generation etc. This project proposes the economically cheap implementation of Internet of things IOT for the visually impaired sructures using Arduino, SDK programming tools and sensors.

Using stochastic pooling in a multilayer model gives an exponential number of deformations since the selections in higher layers are independent of those below. Department of Science and Technology, Gov.

Industry demandsdesign challenges and utilization of OrCAD at advanced level, Electronic System design and manufacturing. Subsequently, AtomNet was used to predict novel candidate biomolecules for multiple disease targets, most notably treatments for the Ebola virus [70] and multiple sclerosis.

Garg, Richa Gupta and R.

Rana Kumar, Lata S.