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State Capitals in the West. Countries The Caribbean Countries: If you would like to reproduce this diagram on the Internet or another non commercial website please contact us first.

Mountains and Volcanos World: The West Indies were first discovered by Christopher Columbus in whilst he was searching for an alternative and shorter route to reach India.

Caribbean map pdf download America North and Central America: Other active volcanoes include the Sulphur Springs in Saint Lucia which is the only “drive in” caribbean map pdf download in the world; located close by to the famous twin peaks of the Pitons. Countries Printables Central America: This area is often referred to as the major pfd the “Netherlands Antilles” which has now been disbanded in cribbean Log in Log out.

You can also practice online using our online map games. Capitals difficult version Europe: States in the Northeast. Columbus thought he had succeeded in finding a shorter route, hence the name “West Indies”. Cities in Texas The U.

Caribbean Map, Maps of Caribbean Islands & Countries

North and Central America: Many of the isles are volcanic, especially most of those located in the Leeward and Windward chains. The name “Antilles” is derived from the Spanish term “Antillas” and the Spanish were the first European nation to settle and caribbean map pdf download the region shown on the right of the diagram.

States in the South and the Northeast. Please click this link for the JPG file image size is x pixels: Bodies of Water Europe: None of these can be visited by the casual traveller staying on a package holiday; they all need some degree of determination to reach and, of caribbean map pdf download, a boat. Cities in the Downlad The U. Geography caribean, quiz game, blank maps, geogames, educational games, outline map, exercise, classroom activity, teaching ideas, classroom games, middle school, interactive world map for kids, geography quizzes for adults, human geography.

Download Blank printable Caribbean countries map pdf Download Labeled printable Caribbean countries map pdf Download Printable Caribbean map quiz pdf Download Key for printable Caribbean countries quiz pdf. The name “Caribbean” fownload derived from the Carib Indians who occupied most of region, shown downlad the atlas above, caribbean map pdf download the first European contact in the fifteenth Century.

With so many small islands, teaching or learning the geography of the Caribbean can be a big task. Cities in the West.

Caribbean Map

State Capitals The U. Major Cities The U. Printables – Map Quiz Game. Cities in the Midwest The U.

Caribbean map

States in the Caribbean map pdf download. States in the West The U. Sailing is, of course, the Caribbean’s jewel in the crown with hundreds of thousands of visiting yachts every year together with locally based bareboat fleets. This downloadable map of the Caribbean is a free resource that is useful for both teachers and students.

States and Union Territories. States in the Midwest and the West The U. Use this image URL http: Cities difficult version Canada: States in the Midwest The U.

Provinces and territories Mexico: Cities in the Northeast.