Transmission Options Transmission Options This section describes various functions that you can switch on and off for any particular transmission, following the procedures given here. Select the scan type you require, and then press [OK]. A Start your Web browser. Transmission Options Press [Label Insertion] to highlight it. Enter the program name.

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Select a search destination. The key blinks while the bottom plate is moving down. Letters and keys are displayed at a larger size, making operations easier. Prints only the results of communications specified by file number.

Transmission Ricob [Select Line]. However, the machine has three settings that you can ricoh lan fax m8 to help you transmit the document with ricoh lan fax m8 best possible image quality. Secure, ad-free and verified downloads. However, Parallel Memory Transmission allows you to confirm the connection status quickly.

Printing Options Printing Options This section explains useful functions for printing received documents.

Copier Functions Changing the stamp position Changes the stamp position. Press [Backspace] or [Delete All], and then re-enter the file name.

Using the number keys or a Destination key, specify a destination. Set the scanning position for the ricoh lan fax m8 side of the original. Placing Originals Reference p. Trays with a key mark will not be automatically selected.

Ricoh Aficio C3000 Operating Instructions Manual

Enter the user name, document name and password. Printing will be resumed. The [Address Book] dialog box appears.

Loading Paper This section describes what to do when paper runs out ricoh lan fax m8 needs reloading. Enter a login user name, and then press [OK]. You can print the stored docu- ments, as well as change print settings and print multiple documents Document Server.

Safety Information in this manual before using the machine. To enlarge the ricoh lan fax m8 image, click [Enlarge Image]. Remarks This chapter describes how to maintain and operate the machine. If a message not described here appears, act according to the message.

Misfeed indicator Appears when a misfeed occurs. Enter the page number with fzx number keys. The following display appears. Use all the staples, do not add more.

Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, may result in minor or moderate injury or damage to property. Printing Options Tray Shift Use this function to shift the output position for each document, so you can sep- arate received documents easily.

You can also delete unwanted documents. Enter stamp text, and then press [OK]. ATYS Horizontal original size: Important Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. Read this manual carefully before you use this machine and keep it handy for future reference.

If ricoh lan fax m8 require ricoh lan fax m8 option, consult your service representative. Transmission Auto Detect Detects the size of the first page and scans all pages using that size.

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Make sure ricoh lan fax m8 the machine is in facsimile mode and the standby display is shown. The machine cannot stamp multiple standard messages. Allows you to set various fea- Ricoh lan fax m8 word keys appear. Relationship between Document Server and Other Functions Simplified Display This section explains how to switch to the simplified display. Quick Reference Fax Guide B Please put this guide above your machine Please put this guide above your machine How to send a fax To return to the editing display, click [Cancel].

Enter the value of [Y1] with the number keys, and then press [q].

Ricoh AFICIO MP 8000 Operating Instructions Manual

Paperless Fax Transmission and Reception You can store received fax messages on the machine’s hard disk, instead of print- ing them onto paper.

To cancel Label Insertion, press [Label Insertion] again. If the message appears Ethernet again, contact your service representa- tive. Types of Ricoh lan fax m8 You can specify the following conditions with the User Parameters switch 05, bit 2, 1 in the Facsimile Features menu. Scan Settings Press [OK]. You can also delete the transmission time. Connect Copy Ricoh lan fax m8 one of the machines is copying a larger number of originals Connect Copy: When you set up a copy job on one machine the main machinedata is transferred to the other the sub-machine so that copies can be made on both machines simul- taneously Connect Copy.

Check the orientation of the placed document, and then press [ ] or [ Make sure that the specified original orientation matches the orientation of originals loaded in the ADF. If the receiver does not use paper of the same size and orientation as that of the original, the ricoh lan fax m8 image may be reduced in size, trimmed at both edges, or divided across two or more sheets.