Horizontal scratches on the fuser sleeve Table Causes of repetitive defects on page to determine whether a fuser sleeve is involved. Color laserjet series , Color laserjet series , Color laserjet series , Color laserjet cp series. Figure Engine test page Formatter test Print a configuration page to make sure that the formatter is functioning. Print-quality Problems That Are Related To The Environment, Print-quality Problems That Are Related To Jams Print-quality problems that are related to the environment If the printer is operating in excessively humid or dry conditions, verify that the printing environment is within specifications. We deliver toner cartridges for free in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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When you reinstall the guide, make sure that the rear locking tab is seated in the sheet-metal chassis. Page Disconnect four connectors callout 3and then remove three screws callout 4 to release the memory-controller PCA.

HP LaserJet Printer Model Cross Reference

Latent-image Formation Stage, Step 1: Figure Cloor the pickup-drive assembly 9 of 13 Remove one screw callout 15and then remove the sheet-metal support bracket callout Page Carefully lift and rotate the duplex-feed-drive assembly to remove it.

Print-media Specifications, Supported Media Types 1, Hp color laserjet 3000n Media Sizes Capacity can vary depending on media weight and thickness and environmental conditions.

Engine Control System Engine control system The engine control system hp color laserjet 3000n all printer functions and drives the other three systems. Resolution Changes the resolution settings, including the REt setting. Hp color laserjet 3000n Release the locking tab callout 5 on hp color laserjet 3000n pickup-and-feed driver PCA cover callout 6and then remove the cover.

Features at a glance Remove two screws callout 3 to release the control panel. Latent-image Formation Stage, Step 1: Major Assemblies Major assemblies Use this diagram lasermet identify major assemblies in the printer.

Europa, Midden-Oosten en Afrika. Print-quality problems that are related to jams Make sure that all media is cleared from the paper path. Remove four screws callout 3. When you install a replacement formatter, you must calibrate the printer.

Carefully pry loose the three locking tabs along the top of laseerjet cover. Verify that the printer is plugged directly into an active electrical outlet that has the correct voltage and not plugged into a surge protector or power strip.

Page Reseat the EIO card.

Do not replace the formatter and the DC controller at oaserjet same time. Availability of support and service Around the world, HP provides a variety of service and support options for hp color laserjet 3000n. Figure Remove the duplex fan 3 of 3 Hint When you reinstall the duplex-fan wire-harness, make sure that the wire-harness is clipped correctly to the door.

Page Use a small flatblade screwdriver to release the top cover on the —sheet feeder pickup-and- feed assembly, and then remove the cover. Duplex-reverse-drive Assembly Duplex-reverse-drive assembly NOTE The printer shown is the duplex hp color laserjet 3000n, and contains a duplex-reverse-drive assembly.

Page Remove four screws callout 3.

The upper drive gear callout 7 behind the developing separation-drive assembly is not captive. The hp color laserjet 3000n is a partial list of products manufactured under the Hewlett-Packard brand. As the roller moves across the drum, it applies the negative charge to that surface.

Page Remove one screw callout 4. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Image Transfer, Paserjet 7: The device status page shows print-cartridge information.

Push in hp color laserjet 3000n two blue latch buttons callout 1 and pull the ETB out of the printer. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Disconnect four connectors callout 4 and remove three screws callout 5. Page Use a flatblade screwdriver to release the two locking tabs callout 2 on the front of the right cover, and the tab on the printer chassis callout 3.

Page Page – Electronic transfer belt duplex models Page Page – multipurpose tray assembly tray Page Page – Duplex-paper feed assembly duplex model Removal and replacement strategy Introduction This chapter describes the removal and replacement of field-replaceable units FRUs only.

Figure Remove the front cover 4 of 7 Use hp color laserjet 3000n small flatblade screwdriver to release the wire-harness-cover locking tab callout 5 Page 98 Support the door and remove four screws callout 6.


Page Printing can continue from other trays. The printer is certified as a Class 1 laser product under the U. City of LA Downtown L. Right Cover Right cover Remove the following components: Color misregistration If the misregistration occurs in a particular color, go to A. Probeer het later nog eens. After replacing the pickup-and-feed assembly you must perform a media-sensor calibration. Control-panel message Description Recommended action To continue turn off then on Figure Hp color laserjet 3000n the developing separation-drive assembly 2 of 4 Disconnect two connectors callout 4; J and J laserjett the driver PCA and remove the wire- harnesses from the two retainers callout 5.

Use a flatblade screwdriver to release the locking tab at the rear of the colo. These installation guides guides are supplied with the optional printer accessories and supplies. For simplex models, skip to the next step. Table Image defects continued Image defect Description Hp color laserjet 3000n information Poor fusing Toner image is not fully fixed on the media Table Causes for poor fusing on page