Obrigadopor Comprar Nosso Notebook I tried leaving them out. Utilisation De La Recherche Windows When I disassembled as to your awesome instructions, I noted the clean solder joints had a white corrosion similar to a car battery. Just use a USB Ethernet adapter instead.

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Redes Ethernet Sem Fio My friend droped her Laptop and broke one of the plugs on picture 18 it is the one on the left side, on the right side from the speaker there gateway nv53a touchpad 4 tiny cables on that plug.

Also, if anyone knows of any online retailers that specialize in affordable discrete video cards for laptops, please let me know. Laptop is apart but the DC jack gateway nv53a touchpad not shattered as in your picture. As a last resort, you can remove the stuck connector and plug wires one by one directly into the motherboard. I was originally going to ask if you had any idea where it might have come from but now want to ask if you have picture of gateway nv53a touchpad CD drive.

How to disassemble Gateway NV to fix DC jack

What are these cables for? Hello, First i would like to thank gateway nv53a touchpad for making such an easy detailed brakedown of all the steps. I have a nv52 that when plugged in the end of the ac adaptor plug and the dc jack in the machine get gateway nv53a touchpad hot.

When I get done with fixing my friends laptop I am going to give this site some money. And everything else was gateway nv53a touchpad so well. I followed all of your steps and pretty much everything worked great!

How to disassemble Gateway NV to fix DC jack – Inside my laptop

What do you think the problem is. I cleaned it well with baking soda and water, then used some alcohol to evaporate the water.

Will I need a new screen or will this be able to be fixed? After about 10 minutes of the laptop being on and sitting at the log in screen the left corner and trackpad area became incredibly hot to the point holding your finger on the area for a second was impossible.

Shows no signs of power lights, fan, etc. Windows Remote Assistance Hi, i have a gateway nv 54 and i touchpadd to know wats next to the touchpad on the left side, because the touchpad is too hot and is no working, gateway nv53a touchpad feel gateway nv53a touchpad little very hot bump on that side, somebody give me the laptop to me bcause gatwway say the fan was not working, but i heard and i feel the air of the fan so dats no the problem, and im scared to open it!

Any info on where to get one and possible replacement procedure looks pretty straight ttouchpad to me would be appreciated. The DC jack is soldered gateway nv53a touchpad the motherboard, correct?

As for removing it, I used 2 jeweler sized flat screwdrivers, to pry gently on the sides of the connector, where one would normally use their gateway nv53a touchpad toucgpad thumb on a larger connector … hope this helps. Utilisation Du Tablet Pc Did the de-solder and re-soldering part with the help of a friend. Find an air compressor or buy compressed air and blow into the fan grill on the bottom until all dust is gone. Take a look at this guide: Unfortunately I found them after I had already figured nv5a gateway nv53a touchpad to disassemble myself.

This has worked well up till now.

I would be grateful for any help whatsoever. Utilisation De Gestes Any suggestions would help. No power light lights up but it works fine off the battery. Searching For Files Tocuhpad in the AC adapter and try turing gateway nv53a touchpad on. Restricting Specific Programs Cuentas De Usuarios De Windows